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A solar farm located at Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative
Chanthaburi Province, Thailand
Nakhon Ratchasima Suranaree, Thailand
Reserve installed capacity
2.00/6.50 MW
4.50 MW

*Reserved Long-Term Contract as of March 31, 2021, 6:03 a.m.

Suranaree University has been continuously supporting in renewable energy as an initiative to save on energy consumption and find alternative ways to promote sustainable and renewable energy source. Although this project is generating partial power and benefiting the community, your support can further the university to create more impact. You …
Fuel Type: Solar
Installed Capacity: 6.50 MW
Estimated Annual generation 8,775 MWh
Banchang Rayong, Thailand

This solar plant generates 2.96 MW of power through its solar farm and rooftop. It is the largest project for self-consumption in Thailand and expected to reduce CO2 emissions by …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 2.96 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 4,148 MWh

and Bangkok
Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand

The 1 MW facility is operated by GPSC in conjunction with Thailand’s leading hospital to provide electricity to the patients as well as directly to the grid. The electricity useage …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 1.00 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 1,350 MWh

Samut Prakan
Bang Phli Samut Prakan, Thailand

Apart from the commitment to recycle 400,000 tons of plastic per year, our partner also focuses on investing in solar rooftop to contribute to its mission and bettering the environment. …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 1.93 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 4,148 MWh

Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative
Na Yai Am Chanthaburi, Thailand
Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative, founded on December, 2016, is a co-locating solar farm with agricultural use. Within the total area of 65 Rai, its electricity is distributed to the public sector, the company’s agricultural cooperative, and Combined Heat and Power …
  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed capacity 5.0 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 7,000 MWh
Pluak Daeng Rayong, Thailand

Glow Energy Plc (Glow) and a trusted partner have signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for a rooftop solar system at the partner’s factory in Amata City Industrial Estate, …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 0.99 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 1,363 MWh
and More
Lopburi and More, Thailand

Global Renewable Power along with 3 other GPSC’s holding own and operate 9 solar farms with the total capacity of 39.5 MW. The 9 solar farms are located in 4 …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 39.50 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 58,823 MWh
Wang Chan Rayong, Thailand

As part of the “Wang Chan Valley” initiative, PTT has partnered with VISTEC and the Ministry of Technology and Science to create an Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) in …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 1.20 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 675 MWh
Nongkae Saraburi, Thailand

Glow Energy Plc signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) under which Glow will supply electricity generated to a trusted partner and other users. The powers are generated from the …

  • Fuel Type : Solar
  • Installed Capacity: 0.87 MW
  • Estimated Annual generation 1,198 MWh
Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)
Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

EACs verify that your electricity was generated from an eligible renewable source. This is a flexible and cost-efficient option for your company to meet your green energy targets and reduce carbon footprint.

Digital Power purchase Agreement (PPA)
Digital Power purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPAs allow generators to get projects funded by providing revenue certainty for new assets. PPAs also ensure a reduced carbon footprint for C&I customers via a predictable supply and consistent pricing.

Green EV Charging
Green EV Charging

Power consumers can further decrease their emissions from their EV fleet by using 100% renewable energy for charging.

1. One-stop shop

End-to-end simple process from registration, sourcing, tracking and reporting your progress on renewable energy to relevant stakeholders

2. Compliance with standard

Fully compliance with the internationally accepted certification standard such as I-REC

3. More solutions to mix/match

More renewable energy solutions with impact details for you to mix&match for an optimal achievement of your renewable energy target

4. Powerful tracking tools

Fully automated state-of-the-art blockchain solutions for saving your time and resources

5. No double counting

Working closely with local and international registries and standards, our technology helps avoid double counting of renewable energy assets.

Capacity 50.0 MW
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Capacity 0.0 MW
Capacity 0.0 MW