Be a part of building a solar farm at Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative

Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative, founded on December, 2016, is a co-locating solar farm with agricultural use. Within the total area of 65 Rai, its electricity is distributed to the public sector, the company’s agricultural cooperative, and Combined Heat and Power Producing Co., Ltd. (CHPP). The solar powers are sold at 5.66 Baht per Kw/h through a FiT structure with a licensing contract with PEA.

Number of Households 11,100
Total Population: 34,410
Fuel Type : Solar
Estimated Annual generation 7,000 MWh
Benefits to the Community

Chanthaburi’s Shrimp Farmer Cooperative is located in the Na Yai Am district of Chanthaburi province. The solar farm is situated on a 65 Rai land owned by the Shrimp Farmer Cooperative which provides additional passive income for the Cooperative to further benefit the local community. Additionally, the solar farm provides employment and community outreach to engage and better the quality of life the locals. Its property tax also goes to the local municipal to build public assets that benenfit the community as a whole.

Project Investors



GPSC operates as a power, steam, and utilities producer and distributor. In addition, the company invests in other companies that generate and distribute power, steam, and utilities, including related businesses, both domestically and overseas.