Be a part of building Solar at Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai

The 1 MW facility is operated by GPSC in conjunction with Thailand’s leading hospital to provide electricity to the patients as well as directly to the grid. The electricity useage within the hospitals are used for the water heating system as well as other crucial functions to operate a hospital. In terms of charitable controbution, the hospital also provides free healthcare, knowledge, and medical equipments to the local community. Although this project is generating partial power and benefiting the community, your support can further the project to create more impact. You can be a part of this project by clicking the “join” button to contribute and purchase renewable energy from this project once it is completed.

Number of Households: 75,563
Population: 234,244
Fuel Type : Solar
Estimated Annual generation 1,350 MWh

The project is currently under development and expected to genarate power by Q1 2021 for local usage. With your contribution, the project will be able to create more impact on the community.

Project Investors



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